What is goodwill in accounting? | Definition, Example and Explanations

What is goodwill in accounting? | Definition, Example and Explanations

Goodwill is a reputation on a business. When a business purchased another business. She does not take only business she taking also her reputation. It’s called an intangible asset. Every asset is visible but this asset is nonvisible, brand name popularity generator and it shows up asset side of a company’s balance sheet.

Reputation can’t show any asset but it represents a company valuable asset. We are going to purchase a famous company. Now we show a company’s assets and liability

For example:

Use accounting formula to find goodwill




Cash                                                            20,000

Account receivable                                      45,000

Inventory                                                      50,000

Equipment                                                   20,000

Property                                                       35,000



(-) Liability:

Account payable                                       30,000

Accrued expenses                                    10,000

Deferred Revenue                                      5,000



Net assets:








So now we see the net asset $125,000 million. And your company purses price is $200,000 million (200000- 127000) = 75,000 million is your Accounting goodwill


Goodwill accounting always shows in your assets side in your company balance sheet. It represents intangible assets. Such as a company brand value and reputation it has some value but not a nonvisible.

What is negative goodwill in accounting?

Definition of negative goodwill:

Negative goodwill also called a bargain-purchase amount when a company buys an asset of another company for less than its fair market value. Negative goodwill is the opposite site of goodwill



Cash                                      35,000

Account receivable              20,000

Inventory                                50,000

Equipment                              20,000

Property                                 40,000



(-) Liability:


Account payable                  35,000

Accrued expenses                8,000

Deferred Revenue                7,000



Net assets:










Negative goodwill is also bad for a company owner .for example a company fair value is $200,000 million in total asset and deduct your liability. The emergency basis you need some money and you agree to sale your company and your friend one interested to bay it. But he agrees to pay $150,000 million and you are agreeing to sell it $115,000 million so your friend one gain some extra benefit to buy this company already, he profit $85,000 million. This is the negative goodwill for your company.


Some moment many companies are not to carry off her liability so they sell it and some other companies buy this. On time they can’t sell it on demand. It’s the traditions of our business.  They already know about her condition.

How to find goodwill in accounting Formula:


How to find goodwill and how to evaluate. It’s showing in our financial statement, for example, you have a business and you are agreeing to sell it. And who will buy it? Both are seller or buyer calculate your asset and liability and find the right price in your actual account.


{Net assets – liability}


This important three thing are clear to recognize buy a company. Actually, goodwill depends on some passing time. It’s not easy to create a few moments.

Methods of goodwill formula


1.average profit method 2.super profit method 3.capitalization method
a.simple average


b.weighted average

a.year of purchase super profit


b.sliding-scale valuation of      super profit method


c.capitalization of super profit


d. entreaty method


This all method are evaluation your find the business goodwill to use this formula. But easily we can find a simple method and always we use in our accounting formula.


Now we show you a small balance sheet and asset and liability balance. So you can easily recognize the asset and liability in our balance sheet


Balance sheet


current assets

property plant and Equipment



owners’ Equity

Book value



$3 million

$4 million

$1 million

$4 million

$5 million

So the example poly company fair value is 8 Million. The fair value of poly company asset – liability = goodwill

$10 million – $8 million = 2 million goodwill

There are so many methods we can use in our math but if you find easy to calculate your goodwill you can foll\ow this simple accounting calculation

What is considered goodwill in accounting?

Now we show a method to find considerable goodwill and how to find

X Y Z is partners and there profit loss ratio is 4:3:2 they admit D for 1/5th share. For the purpose of admission of D, the goodwill of the firm is to be valued on the basis of 4 years, purchase of the last 3 or 4 years average profits whichever is higher

The profits were:

year 2013- 14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
profit $ 100,000 115,000 145,000 155,000

Calculation the value of goodwill


Calculation of normal profit year Total normal profit
2013 -14

2014 -15



Three-year profit



Total fourth-year profit











Average profit on the basis of 3 years of profit:

(Total profits)        360000

____________  ________

(Total no of year)     3


Now we see 4- year average profit

(Total profits)        515000

___________  _________

(Total no of year)     4


So goodwill = 128750 x 4 = 515000

Easily we see the three years and four year considered goodwill profit 360000 or 515000

Which profit we consider it depends on who buys the company. And depend on you which year you considered to find the best goodwill considered.

When is goodwill recorded in accounting?

It’s an intangible asset but we know every asset is showable. But the asset is invisible, so it can be shown in our balance sheet. When we buy a business must we paid in actual fair value and also his goodwill? So it’s an asset and this asset you are buying. So when you are buying this asset you must pay off. And you use your cash. So this asset you are buying why not you show in our balance sheet it’s an asset in your business.

So every asset we show in our balance sheet it important to calculation an accounting math when we are sale a business most of the time we gain some profit. And when we buy a business we expend a lot. So it’s must show in our bleach sheet because it’s a valuable Assets.


Without reputation, we can’t profit a business so goodwill is a valuable asset in our business. but it’s not too easy to gain it. It’s a treatable word where you are baying a product you first care its goodwill so the second you think you are buying or not. Goodwill is a business reputation and we called it’s a brand value.

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