What is Management Accounting? Definition and Meaning

What is Management Accounting? Definition and Meaning

Are you want to know about management accounting?  Then read this article thoroughly

Do you want to become a management accountant? Or, as an accounting student, you must have to be interested in this important topic on what is management accounting. I am writing this article from my own experience after researching a lot on this topic. Moreover, it was my departmental subject. Sometimes It may not be clear to all or someone wants to get a clear idea. So today I am going to discuss it. You can read this article. Hopefully, It will be better for you. Let’s read this.

In a words, management accounting is the procedure of providing information to managers. That means when the activities of an organization are recognizing, controlling, experimenting and providing all kinds of information to the managers of this organization is known as management accounting. It is also called managerial accounting. In this way, the manager will control and implement the operation of the institute.

A leading definition of management accounting is given below-

“Management Accounting is concerned with accounting information that is useful to management” (R.N. Anthony)

The scope of management accounting:

The scope of management accounting is vastly based where includes the several and maximum sector of accounting. Actually, all branches are indirectly depending on manager decisions. Financial accounting, cost accounting, financial management, financial statement analysis, interpretation of data and management reporting all are covered by management accounting.

The function of management accounting: The function of management accounting is very wide but the basic is classified by 4 section. These are the main function.

  • Planning:

Planning is a vital part to be the success in business. A plan is must be needed before starting a project or every tiny task for achieving the desired goal. So no you have to make a proper plan, no matter your business is small or big. After getting all the information, the manager is going to make a plan for considering the whole situation of the organization and give the instruction to implement the plan.

  • Organizing:

The manager will receive all information and after realizing these the plan which is needed for the next activity and instruction to all members. Actually without organizing no business can reach their target. An organized institute can easily maintain the procedure and go to the next level. This responsibility is also management.

  • Controlling:

Management accountant should have a controlling effort along with a perfect plan and organizing. In controlling they have to apply current strategy and financial correlation. Managerial accounting has the responsibility of controlling the whole activities of an organization.

  • Decision making:

Financial accounting performed a report on quarterly or yearly base. Typically, available cash, raw materials, and sales revenue mainly help to make the decision for the next budget. All this activity is completed by managerial accounting. Moreover, there are many sections of it like margin analysis, break-even analysis, constraint analysis, target costing, inventory valuation and trend analysis


Management accounting is such a profession where you have to be involved with planning, financial reporting, applying strategy and making the final decision. It actually means explore total activities of the company for maintaining the internal works. It helps to increase the ability and productivity.

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