What is the accounting computerized software?

With the development of the domestic Internet, the computerization of accounting is also constantly upgraded, and more and more excellent financial software has emerged. If you simply record vouchers and output statements, in fact, much financial software can meet this demand, and even some excel can meet this demand.

But compared to excellent financial software, those simply are far from enough. A lot of accounting work is process-based, so it can be replaced by software. It greatly saves the time of accounting and reduces the workload of accounting. Let the accountant have time and energy to participate in the company’s financial management.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, the accounting software for small business should be as simple and light as possible because they don’t need too many complex functions, small companies have a single business, and there are fewer capital flows, so the accounts will be relatively simple, so there is no need to go through too complicated processes.

What accounting computer software is used for?

The software used for accounting computerization is as follows:

1. Calculation Basic machine known knowledge, comprising a computer system configuration, multimedia, database, network.

2. Windows operation, the use of e-mail on the Internet, how to download files.

3. Character formatting, paragraph formatting, page formatting, and table making in Word.

Four, Excel table format settings, the use of commonly used functions.

5. Relative and absolute references of cells in Excel.

6. Financial functions DB, DDB, SLN, SYD, FV, PMT in Excel.

7. The financial functions PV, NPV, IRR in Excel.

8. Sorting, filtering, classification, and summary in Excel.

9. Installation, startup, and login of Shanghai General Accounting Teaching Software.

10. New creation of A/C set and initial setting of A/C set.

11. Entry, query, modification, deletion, and export of vouchers.

12. Inquiry and export of various account books, inquiry, and export of statements.

13. Completion of custom reports in financial software.

14. Carryover gains and losses and automatic transfers in the period-end processing.

Extended information:

The computerized accounting system is to realize the calculation and processing of accounting data in an electronic computer. Its establishment usually goes through the following process:

System check:

The main task is to understand the user’s requirements and the actual environment. Through the investigation of the company, understand the information connection between the company’s organization, accounting department, and other departments;

Through the investigation of the accounting department, understand the characteristics and methods of accounting records. The purpose of the systematic investigation is to make a scientific and reasonable summary and summary of information and make accurate judgment and analysis on the data flow of the business. There are some accounting software free to use that you can use for your organization. 

System analysis:

The main task is to clarify what the new system will do, that is, through a comprehensive and detailed investigation and analysis of the existing system, using words, symbols, and diagrams to describe the results of the investigation.

Including the overall system structure and division, system interface and internal interface, function, data flow chart, data dictionary, input and output requirements, and other system logic models, as an important basis for the next stage of system design work.

system design:

The logical model obtained in the system analysis stage only points out what the system should “do”, and the system design is to propose a specific “how to do” plan based on the logical model.

That is, the physical model of the system, including determining the required hardware resources, system module structure diagram, module design specification, database design, file design, code design, input and output design, etc., programmers can compile applications that meet functional requirements based on this planning software.


After the design is completed, first test each link of the system design with simulated data to find problems and continuously improve.

Secondly, before the formal delivery to the user, the man-machine must operate several accounting months in parallel in order to check the two phases and further check whether the system design is correct and reliable.

Data structure:

In accounting work, the extensive use of computers to process economic operations is a revolution in accounting technology, but it has not changed the basic principles of accounting.

Computerized accounting still has to follow the basic principles of double-entry bookkeeping, and the principle of double-entry bookkeeping must be applied to the economic transactions that occur to prepare accounting entries, register accounts, and then prepare accounting statements.

Whether it is manual accounting or computerized accounting, the ultimate goal is to strengthen economic management, provide accounting information, make economic forecasts, participate in business decisions, and improve economic benefits.

To achieve system goals, manual accounting or computerized accounting must go through the collection, processing, processing, and transmission of data, control economic activities from the value aspect, and strive to achieve the smallest possible input and the largest possible output.

Principle and function:

Must follow basic accounting theories and accounting methods. Computerized accounting will cause changes in accounting theory and accounting methods, but such changes are gradual rather than sudden changes. Computerized accounting must follow basic accounting theories and accounting methods.

All accounting files must be kept. Accounting files are important historical data for accounting and must be properly kept in accordance with regulations. With the implementation of computerized accounting, the physical properties of most accounting files have changed. From paper-based accounting files under manual accounting to magnetic-based accounting files, backups disappear, and copies are easy. This requires more scientific methods to strengthen the custody of accounting files.

Accounting theory and methods Accounting regulations and standards shall comply with accounting regulations and accounting standards. Computerized accounting cannot ignore accounting laws and accounting standards. On the contrary, it should be implemented more strictly to prevent possible errors in measures and technologies.

list of accounting software

In a small or large entity, all are facing unlikely challenges when you are managing the company’s finance and accounts. So there is some free accounting software which really helps to manage your accounts. The software is listed below; 

1. Fresh book

2. Quick book online

3. Wave accounting

4. AccountsIQ

5. Xero

6. Sage

7. Sage 50cloud 

8. Zoho Books

9. Free agent

10. FinancialForce 

These are the top 10 accounting software in the world that are free to use.  

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